3 Millennial Homebuying Trends to Consider

3 Millennial Homebuying Trends to Consider
15 Nov 2017

As Millennials begin their homebuying journeys, it’s important to take note and stay on top of the Real Estate trends to follow. That’s why Crescent Estates is taking a moment to discuss some of the millennial homebuying trends we expect to see in the coming years.

1. Off to the Suburbs

By 2020, an Urban Land Institute survey shows that an expected 70 percent of Millennials will either be homeowners or on their path to purchase a home of their own. So, what does this type of homeownership look like? Well, Millennials are expected to follow the path their parents took and opt for the open green spaces of suburban living. Crescent Estates offers beautiful custom homes, townhomes and condos in the beautiful suburban neighborhoods of McKinney, Irving, Colleyville and many other beautiful neighborhoods just outside of Dallas and Fort Worth.

2. Room to Entertain

According to a Metrostudy report, 53 percent of Millennials surveyed mentioned that having an open kitchen with room to entertain is a must-have in their new home. Crescent estates custom homes are built with open floor-plans and upgrades making it easy for homeowners to entertain and grow into their home. Open environments provide ample opportunities to create spaces that are flexibly customized to any lifestyle for many years to come.

3. Custom Homes for All

For Millennials, things are personal. It’s clear that a leading trend among the generation is how much they want their experiences customized and personalized to them and it doesn’t stop at the front door of a home. From custom appliances to custom finishes, 71 percent of Millennials polled in a Metrostudy survey said that homes that are customized, functional and user-friendly are among the most important trends in Millennial homebuying. Looking forward at Gen Y, the same survey says that homebuyers will spend as much as 22 percent of their total homebuying budgets on customization alone!

Keeping these Millennial homebuying trends is of utmost importance at Crescent Estates as we continue building toward the future. To learn more about Crescent Estates custom homes in DFW or begin taking the step to homeownership, contact us today or feel free to chat online with one of our homebuying specialists.


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