5 Reasons to Find Homes for Sale in DFW

5 Reasons to Find Homes for Sale in DFW
17 Jan 2018

Dallas is a blossoming city and being part of the DFW metroplex has a lot of benefits. For starters, the economy is booming as it continues to provide new jobs and opportunities for those looking to live here. With a booming economy comes a thriving real estate market. Here are just a few reasons why you should be looking for homes for sale in DFW.

1. No State Income Tax

A nice perk when it comes to saving up for a custom home, Texas offers no state income tax. This perk of living in the Lone Star state results in more moving money for goods, services and even homes. Which is also great for new businesses in the area. In comparison to other states, Texas is a leader in giving back to its residents where it counts, our wallets!

2. Amazing School Districts

It’s no surprise that Texas schools continue to be a leading example nation-wide. As a great plus for families who are looking to make the move to Dallas, the Metroplex offers over 25 independent school districts ranging in size from 105 to 2,000 or more students. Created in 1910, the Univesity Interscholastic League (UIL) system also provides great opportunities for competitive extracurricular, athletic and artistic events.

3. North Texas Climate

We won’t deny that Texas summers are HOT, but luckily DFW is among a handful of cities in the state to have all four seasons. With beautiful autumn temperatures that allow the trees to change colors to beautiful spring days filled with showers and rainbows, you’ll see just about every climate you can imagine. This allows for a variety of fun indoor and outdoor activities year-round, not to mention you know what to expect when it comes to heating and cooling your house.

4. Blossoming Business Industry

One can argue that Dallas may just be the most blossoming business industry in Texas, with companies like Toyota, FedEx, 7-Eleven and even Amazon vetting to make this beautiful city their home or even downright moving their entire headquarters to the DFW area it’s not a bold claim to make.

5. Gorgeous Custom Homes

Last, but possibly the most important on this list is the number of gorgeous homes for sale in DFW. There’s a variety of custom homes, townhomes and condos available and currently being built on beautiful Texas land surrounded by lakes and other beautiful natural features. With so many options, you’re bound to find a city within DFW that you’d love to call home.

Now is time to make the move and find homes for sale in DFW that fit your lifestyle. Contact Crescent Estates to find your perfect modern home today.


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