The Hottest 2019 Home Decorating Trends That Will Make You Fall in Love with Your Home!

The Hottest 2019 Home Decorating Trends That Will Make You Fall in Love with Your Home!
16 Jul 2019

It’s easy for your home to start feeling outdated and dull when you haven’t redecorated in years. Finding the right trend that matches your desire to spice up your space, but also stays in your comfort zone can be difficult. Here are the hottest 2019 home decorating trends that match all different types of styles.

Warm Minimalist Décor for A Laid Back, Comfortable Feel

Less truly is more with this home decorating trend. This style draws its roots from Scandinavia to create a serene understated beauty. To make this look happen in your home you will need calming neutral colors like grey, tan, white, black, and light pink. Patterns are essential and build a comforting texture that is unique to each room. For furniture, focus on light wash wooden pieces. Finally, you should have only a few extra decorations. A plant in a clear or neutral-colored vase, a handwoven wool blanket, and modest artwork are all great decorations to complete your home’s new look. With this trend, your home will be feeling extra cozy!

Bright and Fun Home Decorating Color Trends

If neutral tones aren’t your thing, try adding some color for a more vibrant home. It’s important to not have too many colors, especially if they clash. Our suggestion is using a color pallet! You could also pick two or three main colors that complement each other and add small gold accents to create an elegant look to your home. A colorful blanket and fun pillows are great ways to start the process. Another idea is getting stylish wallpaper or a Moroccan rug. Don’t forget about the bathroom too! A tasteful tile pattern can enliven the space. By adding a splash of color into your home, you will brighten your day.

Add Something Green to Your Home Décor

Do you have a green thumb? This decoration style is the perfect fit for people who love nature! It’s an eco-friendly option that will give your home a clean look and some fresh air. Even if you are not big on gardening, this home décor trend is still achievable. Succulents are super easy to take care of and can create either a modern or rustic look depending on how you pot them. Tropical houseplants are a bit harder to care for, but still do-able! With tropical houseplant, you can add fun, soft textures to any room. Just a few of these and your home will feel like a stress-free oasis. However you choose to add green into your home, it’s a great cost-effective option.

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