Finding the perfect Neighborhood in DFW

Finding the perfect Neighborhood in DFW
12 Oct 2017

Buying a new home can be a difficult choice when deciding on a location. Luckily, Crescent Collections offers beautiful custom homes in some of the most coveted neighborhoods in DFW. Today, we will be sharing some small details to look for when choosing a new neighborhood to call home!


While they’re commonly overlooked, sidewalks are a sign of walkability! If you’re looking to move to a neighborhood that’s walk-friendly, you’ll definitely want to see where the sidewalks begin and end. If there are restaurants, grocery stores and amenities nearby, sidewalks can make your quick trips safer. Additionally, sidewalks are extremely desirable for families with kids and pets!

Activities and Amenities

Whether you’re a family of four or a bachelor looking for an active lifestyle, the activities and amenities around you can make or break a neighborhood. Crescent Collections neighborhoods are at the center of some of the best entertainment and lifestyle options in Dallas. Our townhomes and condominium properties offer quick access to highways and ample walkability. Crescent Collections homes are situated in quiet, safe communities that offer easy access to all the amenities that fit your lifestyle.

Good Schools

For those considering their child’s education, good schools are among some of the top considerations when moving. Public and Private schools of all academic levels can also greatly affect the value of a home, so even if children aren’t in the mix, anyone can benefit from a great school system. Finding a good school is a bit more difficult than simply driving through a neighborhood. Luckily, many schools offer tours. If you’re already in the neighborhood, you could attend a PTA meeting or talk to neighbors about their experiences. Don’t forget that sports and other activities go hand-in-hand with great academics, so keep extracurricular activities in mind when visiting a school.


A beautiful neighborhood with great schools in a popular area isn’t complete without culture. You want to know that the area you live in is in line with your values and dreams. When visiting a home, imagine yourself not only indoors, but outdoors. Can you see yourself enjoying a weekend in that city or raising your family in the neighborhood? If you’re looking for an urban setting, you probably won’t want to live in a quiet suburban neighborhood and vice-versa. Look around and see what type of activities are happening in the area to find out if it’s the perfect place to call home.

These are just a few key things to look for when finding your dream home. For those looking to check all of this and more off their criteria list, Crescent Collections offers beautiful new custom homes in Dallas! To learn more about Crescent Collections and the neighborhoods we build in contact us today!

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