The 5 Most Desirable Custom Home Features

The 5 Most Desirable Custom Home Features
18 Apr 2018

So you’ve decided you’re ready to buy a custom home, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the wonderful custom home features you have to choose from? Take a look at Crescent Estates’ top 5 most desirable features to see what trending options are best for your next home.

1.Flexible Floorplans

Buyers are looking for not only open-concept floorplans but also a practical layout that focuses on function rather than keeping up appearances. While Millenials continue to drive the push toward modern and streamlined homes, the trend to build around a great room continues to be at the top of most homebuyers’ lists. Flexibility to convert a room is also highly desirable, especially as people age into the home. These type of homebuying layouts allow a homeowner to stay in one spot longer and truly live in their forever home.

2.First-Floor Master Suite

The trend of the aging homebuyer is also driving the desire for a first-floor master suite. Even home with tight footprints need to be transitional for any stage of life. Multi-generational living is also becoming a trend of its own with the importance of the master suite growing to accommodate aging parents and many shifts in the family dynamic.

3.Smart Storage

To contribute more to the open feel of a room, the need for optimal and smart storage is essential. Open shelving is a contributor to open layouts in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to open storage, a home needs to have an ample amount of out-of-sight storage, so that all items that are not essential can still be within reach. Items like a dedicated pantry rather than a kitchen crammed with cabinets is a common trend among custom homes.

4.Universal Design

Along with flexibility, homebuyers are looking for a floorplan design that’s universal. So, what does that mean? Having features such as outlets everywhere allow a room to be more adaptable for different uses. Additionally, small features such as subway tile and wooden floors are universal design perks sure to stand the test of time. Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor with comfortable outdoor spaces equipped with top-of-the-line features such as TVs and comfortable furniture are also a great example of universal design.

5.Practical Energy Efficiency

Last, but certainly not least, are energy-efficiency trends that keep costs down. Programmable thermostats, LED lighting and app-driven technology are all great examples of custom home features built for the future. As users become more environmentally conscious, these trends will be of utmost necessity to any home.

Crescent Estates offers beautiful finishes and desirable custom home features perfect for any homebuyer at any stage in life. Find your next Dallas home by contacting us today.


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